"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence." ~ Ansel Adams

August 24, 2011

Una alba, una neagra

Au trecut cam trei saptamani de cand m-am inscris pe site-ul celor de la Peninsula pentru a primi o acreditare de presa la festivalul din acest an. Eram mici sansele sa primes casa ceva chiar de la ei, dar am zis ca nu pierd nimic daca imi incerc totusi norocul, eu care de obicei nu sunt norocoasa. Luna aceasta fiecare veste buna a fost urmata de una rea. In ziua cand am semnat un contract de angajare oentru prima data in viata mea am observant ca laptopul meu incet, incet, incearca sa isi ia ramas bun de la mine. Dupa ce am petrecut o saptamana vizitand Budapesta, Viena si Bavaria, zile pline de oboseala si caldura dar incredibil de placute, cand am intrat in Romania aflu ca Orange are o surpriza pentru mine. Un cost suplimentar fantoma, urias, caruia nu ii gasesc nici o justificare. Inca un lucru care imi ameninta buna dispozitie la sosire. Perfect. Nu ma mai asteptam la nimic bun. M-am inselat. Cand am verificat mailul si am gasit unul de la cei de la Peninsula in care imi spuneau ca in data de 24 august pot sa imi ridic press pass-ul nu mi-a venit sa cred. Am recitit randurile respective de zeci de ori, sa ma asigur ca nu e o greseala. Ideea ca o sa pot merge backstage, la interviuri, ca practic o sa am acces la niste lucruri la care nici nu puteam sa visez, m-a socat. Dupa cateva minute de la citirea mailului am inceput sa cant si sa dansez de fericire ca un copil mic. Voi profita din plin de acest noroc care a dat peste mine cand ma asteptam mai putin. In fiecare zi voi face fotografii si voi povesti cum m-am simtit la festival. V-a trebui sa imi revizuiesc vocabularul, sa nu cad in capcana de a repeta doar cuvinte de genul “super”, ”extraordinar”, “misto”, “bestial”, “incredibil”, “nemaipomenit” si exclamatiile de rigoare “wow”, “OMG”, “ioi”.

It’s been three weeks since I decided to try and obtain a press pass to the Peninsula Festival this year. My chances were slim, but I thought there is no reason why I shouldn’t give it a shot, me being an unlucky person. Every good news I had this month was followed by a bad one. On the day I got a job I realized that my laptop is drawing its last breath. After I’d spent a week visiting Budapest, Vienna and Bavaria, exhausting and very hot days, but incredibly pleasant, I find that Orange had a little surprise for me when I got home. A mysterious extra cost on my phone bill, a huge one, an unexplained one from what I can tell so far. This was another thing that was threatening my happiness. Perfect. At this point I wasn’t expecting anything good from the rest of the month. I was wrong of course. While checking my mail I stumbled upon one from Peninsula. They were informing me that I had received a press pass to this year’s festival and that I could pick it up starting August 24th. I couldn’t believe it. I read those lines over and over again just to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. The idea that I had backstage access to the shows, to the interviews, to places I didn’t even dare to hope to go to shocked me. After a few minutes I started singing and dancing with joy like a child. I am going to take full advantage of this opportunity. I’ll take photographs each day and recount my time at the festival. I’ll also have to revise my vocabulary so that I won’t start using excessively words like “superb”, “extraordinary”, “cool”, “incredible”, “awesome” and interjections like “wow”, “OMG” and “ioi” ( a typical interjection in Romania, especially in Transylvania ).

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