"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence." ~ Ansel Adams

May 26, 2011


Vinerea trecuta, adica 20 mai, a avut loc Campionatul National de Robotica la Sibiu, RObotX. Nu prea aveam ce face in dimineata respectiva asa ca am trecut pe acolo. Daca tot aud in fiecare zi lucruri despre inginerie, am zis ca poate va fi interesant. Si a fost…Ma rog, partea a doua a concursului in care cate doi roboti trebuiau sa mute mai multe piese contra timp pe “tabla de sah”. In prima parte au avut loc calificarile echipelor pentru etapa “meciurilor” dintre roboti. Eu fiind total in afara domeniului de inginerie am fost chiar surprinsa  de acesti robotei care reuseau sa ridice o piesa, sa-si evite oponentul si sa aseze piesa pe patratelul lor colorat pentru a face cat mai multe puncte. Aveam impresia ca ma uit la un episod din “How stuff works”, tot ce puteam zice era “Wooow” si sa aplaud entuziasmata. A fost o zi placuta pana la urma. Robotelul echipei sibiene E.A. BEARS arata cel mai bine, ei fiind echipa care au si castigat locul I. Am fotografiat roboteii, am ras ( robotelul Pufosenia m-a dat gata ), si am ascultat “Desteapta-te roboate”. Urmatoarea oprire pentru cei care au castigat locurile I,II si III este Rusia pentru concursul European de robotica, Eurobot. 

Last Friday, May 20th, the National Championship of Robotics, RObotX, took place at Sibiu. I didn’t have much to do that morning so I decided to have a look. Since I listen to stuff about engineering every day, I thought it might be interesting. And it was…Well, the second part of the competition was, where two robots had to move “chess pieces” around the “chessboard” in 90 seconds. The qualifications of the teams for these “matches” took place in the first part of the competition. I was totally out of my field of interest here, so I was really surprised by these robots who managed to pick up a chess piece, avoid their opponent and place the piece on their assigned colored square to make as many points as possible. I felt like I was watching an episode of “How stuff works”, all I could say was “Wooooow” and applaud enthusiastically. It was a lovely day after all. E.A. BEARS, the team from Sibiu and the winners of the competition, had the best looking robot there. People took photos of the little robots, laughed at the robot Pufosenia ( a rough translation would be Fluffy ), and listened to “Desteapta-te roboate” ( “Awaken robot”, a modification of Romania’s national anthem ). Next stop for the I, II, and III place winners is the European Championship of Robotics, Eurobot, in Rusia.

  And I go round and round...and round...and round....

Please, please, pleeeeeeeeeease...Darlin' please... (James Brown refrence...)

Two of the referees. ( The ones in blue. )

20+10+40=.... Help me out here guys....

Yes, yes, slightly out of focus. We weren't allowed to use our flashes. The robots might have gone crazy if we did. 

"There he goes! I'm so proud of my robot." "It seems like it was just yesterday when we connected the first wire."

Fuzzy Wuzzy.


  1. Hey!!

    Scuza-mi indrazneala, vroiam sa te intreb daca mai ai cumva pozele, sau altele in plus. Am participat la concurs si n-am strans decat putine poze ce-am facut intre noi.

    As vrea sa te rog daca cumva le mai ai si se poate, sa-mi trimiti si mie un mail cu ele...:-/

    Multumesc anticipat

    1. Salut! Da, le mai am, pe un dvd pe undeva. Daca imi dai o adresa de e-mail, le caut si ti le trimit.