"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence." ~ Ansel Adams

June 2, 2011

"Cu manecile suflecate"

Asa se numeste spectacolul celor de la Tukkersconnexion, o trupa olandeza de teatru stradal. Copiii din Piata Mare, care pana acum au fost ocupati cu fugaritul porumbeilor ( chiar mi-e mila de porumbei, nici sa manance linistiti nu pot ), au fost atrasi de sunete metalice, lovituri de ciocan, roti, scripeti si cabluri. Trei artisti imbracati in costume, care imi aduc aminte de afisele de propaganda naziste si comuniste cu muncitori, ne indeamna sa venim mai aproape. Spectacolul este unul de improvizatie, diverse scene si efecte. Iti inspira bucurie, cooperare si energie. Trupa i-a implicat si pe unii spectatori in reprezentatia lor. O fetita a avut mare succes, fiind foarte naturala si plina de imaginatie cand a fost rugata sa imite cateva din miscarile actorilor. A fost atat de amuzanta!

"Turn up", that's the name of the spectacle performed by the theater group Tukkersconnexion from Netherlands. In the Grand Square, the children, which until now where busy chasing the pigeons, were drawn by metalic sounds, hammers, wheels, pulleys and cables. Three actors dressed in costumes, costumes which reminded me of nazi and communist propaganda posters with factory workers, urge us to come closer. The performance is one of improvisation, various scenes and effects. It inspires joy, cooperation and energy. The group also involved some of the people from the audience in their show. A little girl was very successful in imitating some of the actors movements. She was so natural and imaginative. And very funny!


  1. me likes veru much. e primul blog de fotografie din blogroll-ul meu :))